Malcolm Mooney

Professor Mooney grew up in Boston, where he began singing in high school, was a member of the a Capella group ‘Six Fifths’, and gained some fame as a sculptor. Malcolm spent the late 1960’s/early 1970’s as the original vocalist with the German rock band CAN. After returning to the US Malcolm earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Boston University, School of Fine Arts and Applied Arts, majoring in Painting. He went on to acquire a Master of Fine Arts degree from California State University, where he is a Graduate Assistant and Graduate Fellow. Malcolm returned to music for a 1986 CAN reunion album, and then started recording in the San Francisco Bay Area with ‘Malcolm Mooney & The Tenth Planet.’

Malcolm currently resides in Calgary, where he focuses on art installations, painting, drawing, writing poetry, and teaching abstract painting at ACAD. Recently Malcolm has collaborated with New York drummer Sean Noonan, and Latin percussionist Luis El Pana Tovar in Calgary, and has logged gigs in Paris, New York, London, California, and Calgary.