A Poetic Experience - Performance

Surreal Stories from the Real World—Real Stories from a Surreal World


This will be an experience including many dimensions of poetry: Sound, Music, Visual Poetic Play & Poetry Hacking! This event is meant to create a space where the audience is invited to interact with poetry in unique ways—an event meant to inspire! Several emerging artists will be guides to take the audience through the experience.

Part I – Rooms of Inspiration
The audience will enter through the back doors into the lower level of the Memorial Library. The lower level of the library has several rooms and each room, will house a poet/artist who will create an hour-long presentation (in ten-minute loops). The audience will move from room to room and will be invited to create their own work from the inspiration the performers provide.

Upstairs there will also be ‘Rooms of Inspiration.’ The audience will be invited to explore the upper levels and one of the larger rooms will house, “Poetry Hacking.’

What is Poetry Hacking? Each of the Laureate Poets will submit a poem in advance. The poem will then be cut into smaller snippets line-by-line and placed into an envelope. The audience will be invited to choose an envelope and tape the pieces of the poem into the order they chose. The pieces will be photographed and shared on social media.

Part II – The Laureate Reading
At 8:15 approximately, we will invite the audience to join us in the main concourse where we will present ‘The Laureate Reading.’ All four poet laureates of Calgary will share their work. The poets will include the poem they submitted to ‘Poetry Hacking’ in the order they originally wrote it. This may propel the audience to see and hear and experience poetry in new ways as they are personally connected.